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    NOV Coil Services, our Aberdeen service center, offers a closer location to your European and Russian/CIS operations to meet your demands and reduce your downtime. We also have local finished goods stocking points in Minsk, Belarus and Nizhnevartovsk and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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     Aberdeen, UKMinsk, BelarusNizhnevartovsk, RussiaSaint Petersburg, Russia
    Finished goods inventory
    Spooling services   
    Cleaning & corrosion protection   
    Wireline installation/removal   
    NDT inspection   
    Hydrostatic testing   
    Coiled tubing string repair   
    Tube-to-tube weld NDT   
    Maintenance programs   
    Reel & string storage   
    Remote services   


    Local Stocking Points


    We maintain strings for our customers in the Europe and Russia/CIS regions in Aberdeen, Scotland and at our stocking point in Minsk, Belarus. Coiled tubing strings designed to meet our customers’ specific requirements for their particular geographic region are locally stocked, which provides immediate delivery, improving your operational efficiency.

    Welding On Location 

    With a combined 45 years of service between them, our qualified and experienced welders can come to your site to support your needs. They are trained and certified at our welding school located at our Headquarters in Houston, Texas and practice welding at their home base to maintain their skills. From our service center location in Abu Dhabi, we have traveled all over Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Russia/CIS, South America and Africa to help customers at their location.

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