• Coiled Tubing BOP Closing Unit


    Our coiled tubing BOP closing unit enables standalone operation of coiled tubing BOPs and associated auxiliary valves. These are available in  any standard configuration from one to 10 functions. Each function is protected with an external cover and safety detents to avoid accidental  operation. The coiled tubing BOP closing unit has a heavy-duty carbon steel frame and includes a custom vinyl cover.


    • Designed for standalone operation to meet API requirements
    • One gallon, 3,000-psi bladder accumulators
    • Wet center, 3,000-psi manually operated hose reels
    • Each equipped with 50-ft hydraulic hose/50-ft fire-resistant BOP hose
    • Equipped with self-retracting, 50-ft air hose reel
    • Air-operated hydraulic pumps
    • Manual backup hydraulic pump
    • Heavy duty oilfield skid frame with corrosion-resistant coating and four lifting pads
      • Includes custom fit, heavy-duty vinyl cover and four-point bridle sling with shackles
    • SST hydraulic fluid tank
      • Equipped with sight level gauge, suction strainer, check valve filler strainer, and drain valve
    • SST hydraulic system pressure gauge
    • SST hydraulic output pressure gauges for open/close functions
    • SST tubing and fittings
    • Relief valves on hydraulic system to protect against over-pressure
    • On-board self-contained audible alarm system for low hydraulic fluid level, low air supply pressure, and nitrogen supply pressure
    • Air supply on/off valve and pressure gauge
    • Engraved phenolic nameplates

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