• Wellhead Control Panels

    Our control panels are available in a wide variety of options and are built with exceptional quality with a proven track record for reliability and ease of maintenance. We specialize in the design and assembly of wellhead surface and sub-surface safety valve control panels for well production facilities. Our panels are adaptable to facilities located both onshore and offshore and are designed and assembled in-house in both standard and custom configurations.

    Our panels are constructed of 12 gauge 316SS enclosures with 316SS ASTM 269 tubing and fittings along with weather-tight doors to protect panel-mounted components. Exotic material tubing and fittings are available to specification.

    Our wellhead control panel products include:
    • Pneumatic/hydraulic control systems
    • Electro/hydraulic control systems
    • Single well control panels
    • Multi-well control panels
    • Modular well control panels
    • Process control panels
    • Custom-designed control panels
    • Panel-mounted pressure pilots
    • Process shutdown logic with pneumatic first-out indicators

    Single-Well Control Panels
    Our standard single-well control panels is used to operate one hydraulically controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV) and up to two hydraulically or pneumatically controlled surface safety valves (SSV) for any type of well. The panel automatically closes the safety valves in response to alarm conditions that require shut-in. Safety valves can be shut down manually or automatically, remotely or at the panel. Panels can include logic, which enables the wells to be controlled by an ESD/fire loop and high/low pilots. The panel can monitor the status of the flowline high-low pressure sensors and provide shut-in during emergency conditions. Pneumatic pressure can be from either wellsite process gas or compressed air. Our panels are available with a wide range of selection options to ensure that your particular production requirements are addressed.

    Multi-Well Control Panels
    Our multi-well panels offer all of the features of our single-well panels in a combination of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic logic in a single panel for multiple wells onshore or offshore. Hydraulic pressure is developed from either pneumatic/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic pumps within the control system to provide a failsafe system for ESD, fusible-loop fire protection, and wellhead valve opening/closing sequencing. Multi-well control panels can be completely customized to meet your operational requirements as well as weight and footprint constraints. Our multi-well control panels offer the option of interchangeable well control modules, each controlling a single well, and can be easily isolated and removed to minimize downtime during maintenance or repair.