• Subsea Actuator

    The EI BOPs are well control components used during a subsea well intervention.


    There are two sets of rams - Blind Shear Rams and Grip Seal Rams. The first being a Blind Shear Ram that will cut the coiled tubing and/or wireline and form a blind seal. The other set of rams is a set of Grip Seal Rams that will grab, hold and seal around the coiled tubing. The EI Series is an integral component of the lower wellhead riser package. The EI features a single line hydraulic system and an automatic, wedge-type, “autolock” actuator system. The autolock system secures the rams in the closed position in the event of a hydraulic failure or an emergency situation requires disconnecting from the subsea wellhead.

    Each EI BOP is built to your specific design requirements which can include a dual-bore valve block with a combination of Blind Shear and Grip Seal ram assemblies. The Combi rams offer increased functionality and the ability to use a wide range of coiled tubing and wireline sizes in a field-proven, compact design.

    All pressure ratings and service applications are available including certification for use in the North Sea.


    • SSR or GSR configuration for coiled tubing or wireline operations
    • 3,000 or 5,000 psi hydraulic operating pressure
    • Single circuit design
    • Metal-to-metal bonnet gaskets
    • Hydraulic wedgelock
    • Ram and wedgelok position indicators
    • SIL 3 certified


    BoreWorking PressureTubing Range
    3.06" 10,000 psi 1.00" to 1.75" 
    4.06" 10,000 psi 1.00" to 2.37" 
    5.12" 10,000 psi 1.00" to 2.87" 
    5.12" 15,000 psi 1.00" to 2.87" 
    6.38" 10,000 psi 1.00" to 3.50" 
    7.06" 10,000 psi 1.00" to 3.50" 
    7.06" 15,000 psi 1.00" to 3.50" 
    7.38" 10,000 psi 1.00" to 3.50" 

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