• Anson Swivel Joints

    Our Anson™ swivel joints allow articulated flowlines to be set up quickly and easily using available pipework. We supply a full range of Anson swivel joints including our long radius, short radius, threaded, quadrace, Tri-Race, and code silver swivel joints. Our swivel joints are designed to be dependable while meeting load capacities and service conditions.

    Anson swivel joints allow low-torque rotation within a high-pressure flowline setup. We supply a full range with either journal bearing or ball bearing articluation.  

    All our swivel joints come standard with the following:

    • Forged, one-piece construction, fully heat treated
    • Subject to a full MPI inspection to ASTM E709
    • Material Test Reports (MTR) included
    • Supplied with unique serial number
    • Suitable for standard or sour gas service in accordance with NACE MR-01-75


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