• Truck Mounted Coiled Tubing Support Pumps


    Small coiled tubing applications don’t require the high horsepower needed to drill out plugs nor do they allow for much room on location. For these applications, a nimble truck mounted coiled tubing support pump is the right unit for the job. These pumps are lower cost alternatives that save you up front money. In addition, their shorter wheelbase and lower weight make them ideal for older well-sites built on backroads with small pads. These units can be easily customized to work with any situation.


    • Single or twin configurations available
    • Power sourced from truck chassis engine or from deck mounted engines
    • Deck mounted controls or truck cab mounted controls
    • Remote control options available
    • Many pump and fluid end lubrication options available
    • Data acquisition options available
    • Chemical injection systems available
    • Auxiliary transmission for low rate applications

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