• Compressed Oxygen Gas Storage Vessel

    Our spherical high pressure storage vessels can be used to store non-corrosive gases, such as oxygen. The vessel can store and supply oxygen gas at up to 4,500-psi (31.0 MPa) design pressure, and maximum allowable operating pressure of 5,500-psi (37.9 MPa).


    The spherical vessels can also be used to store other non-corrosive or low corrosive gases. The vessel assembly is custom designed for the end users, and is designed using specifications and requirements from ASME Section VIII, Division 2, for National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors registration.


    • High-pressure lock-out valve out with “Block and Bleed”: A high-pressure “lock out” valve is used to close off the vessel’s relief nozzle during scheduled maintenance operations. This valve’s use in design and practice are prescribed in ASME Section VIII, Division 2. The standard unit is also supplied with block and bleed system for releasing pressure between the lock-out valve and relief valve to be bled off. The "block and bleed" system has a 1/4-in. manifold to contain the displaced, bled off gas.

    • The pressure vessel has 3/4 and 1-inch FNPT nozzle threaded ports which can be optionally used as fill-discharge ports. The pressure relief valve is available with either ¾ or 1-inch NPT connection. The clean-out drain manifold at bottom has a high-pressure needle valve with ½-inch NPT thread.

    • Conventional skirt-type support structure

    • Analysis of cyclic pressure loadings between 4,500- and 3,500-psi yields a vessel life of 260 years.

    • Support structure design incorporates strength requirements for maximum wind and seismic load resistance.



    Height (sphere and support skirt only)68.9 in. (1.750 m)
    Total height (with relief valve and lock-out valve)87.7-in. (2.228 m)
    Outside diameter (vessel sphere)54.5 in. (1.382 m)
    Vessel assembly weight (empty)8,060-lb (3,660-kg)
    Total weight of vessel assembly (CNG at 5,500 psi, 70° F)8,570-lb (3,890-kg)
    Storage capabilities3,614 scf at 1,500 psi, 70° F
    6,082-scf at 2,500 psi, 70° F
    8,380-scf at 3,500 psi, 70° F
    10,388-scf at 4,500 psi, 70° F
    12,088-scf at 5,500 psi, 70° F
    Maximum allowable working pressure5,500 psi, at 120° F (37.9 MPa, 48.9° C)
    Minimum design metal temperature0° F at 5,500 psi (-17.8° C, 37.9 MPa)