• SandBank Proppant Silo System

    Hydraulic fracturing jobs require millions of pounds of sand and proppant, and storage of this material remains an issue. Our new SandBank™ system—a mobile, bulk storage solution—is the answer. Six storage silos have 400,000 lb of storage capacity each, a drive-over conveyor belt eliminates the need for pneumatic proppant transports, and a bucket elevator system loads up to 275 tons/hr. When it comes to on-site sand storage, the SandBank system is taking the industry to a new level.


    The basic setup process for our SandBank system involves the following:

    • First, position primary and secondary bases
    • Then, stand up each of the six silos
    • Bolt silos down to bases
    • Connect cables and hoses from base
    • Install hosing for secondary discharge gates
    • Once the silos are in place, we position the drive over loaders
    • Lift rear conveyor
    • Install distribution hosing to bucket elevators
    • Connect communication cables to bases
    • Then, position silo push beams for maximum wind stabilization
    • Finally, position the blender distribution chute


    Additional silo features

    • Silo level sensor with inventory control
    • Overflow protection
    • Primary discharge gates hydraulically actuated
    • Secondary discharge gates hydraulically actuated (feed opposite base)
    • Transport trailer available with integral hydraulic lift cylinders

    Primary and secondary bases

    • Back over bases with integral conveyors
    • Each base supports up to three fully loaded silos
    • Primary base features pressurized cabin with full system controls
    • Choke filled fully enclosed conveyors
    • Discharge chute capable of feeding two blender hoppers
    • 480 VAC diesel electric generators
    • Critical function generator backup across bases and shore power option

    Drive-over silo loader

    • Simultaneous unloading of two sand transports (pneumatic or hopper)
    • Integral drive over belt with tractor trailer ramps
    • Gravity choke filled conveyor
    • Selectable discharge diverter valve to feed any one of three silo bucket elevators
    • Swiveled diverter valve for pad layout optimization
    • Local operation station

    Silo transport trailer

    • Integral lift frame
    • Integral hydraulic lift cylinders
    • Integral hydraulic stabilization legs
    • Capable of standing up silo on base or on ground
    • Capable of lifting silo from two sides


    Designed storage capacity

    • Three or six silos with 400,000 lb of capacity each (water level)
    • 2.4 million lb total proppant volume (six silos)

    Delivery rates to blender

    • 700 to 20,000 lb/min system delivery per base
    • Features automatic or manual blender feed control

    Silo fill rates

    • Primary loading via integral bucket elevator system
    • Max load rate of 275 tons/hr (roughly 9,000 lb/min) per three-pack arrangement
    • Secondary loading via two 4-in. pneumatic fill pipes