• Wilco Air Dryer Systems  

    In abrasive blasting, one of the leading issues is entrained moisture in compressed air. This unavoidable byproduct of the compression process can contribute to clogs in media blasting pots and can flash rust the surface being blasted. By removing this moisture, problems are decreased and profitability is increased. Wilco compressed air drying systems efficiently remove entrained water and filter the outgoing air to meet today’s increasing demands for clean, dry air. Our systems are designed for maximum portability and minimum footprint for ease of use in tight work environments.



    Compressed air first enters an aftercooler to reduce the temperature of the air to near ambient, precipitating much of the entrained water. An air driven fan provides cooling air to the aftercooler. No electricity is required. Air travels through an initial separator tank. The cooled air then travels to the bottom of the collector tank where the separated water collects. From there, air passes through a bed of desiccant pellets that act like a sponge, absorbing any remaining humidity and leaving a stream of dry air.
    Wilco’s collector tank is lined with a special coating to eliminate corrosion and increase tank life. Sight glasses at two levels enable a user to quickly assess desiccant life with a glance.
    To further protect the blasted surface from contamination, an after filter removes any remaining particles down to 1-μm. In addition, an assortment of customizable connections provides the user with quick and easy set up for various applications.


    • ASME Sec. VIII pressure vessel collector tank with dual sight glasses
    • 1-μm after filter with filter gauge
    • Air driven cooling fan, no electricity required
    • Integrated forklift tubes and small footprint 
    • Pressure safety relief valve
    • Initial separator tank
    • 250, 400, 900, and 1600-SCFM capacities available
    • Customizable designs – Contact us for details


    Model (SCFM)  LxWxH (in.)  Inlet Size (FNPT)  Outlets (No./size)
    **250  37 x 18 x 27  1 - ½"  1x 1-½"
    400  48 x 31 x 68  1 - ½"  2x1", 1x2"
    900  64 x 37 x 82  2"  2x1", 2x2"
    1600  72 x 44 x 93  2"  3x1", 3x2"

    **250 CFM model utilizes a moisture separator versus a desiccant tank.