• Bollards


    Our spun-cast bollards provide a low-maintenance way to enhance any park, commercial, or streetscape envrionment. Our durable bollards come in a variety of colors and sizes, including round, fluted bollards, square, or wood-grained series options.



    Our Ameron™ bollards are prestressed concrete and machine-made in steel molds by the centrifugal process to ensure uniform quality and high-strength product. Available for either base-mounted or embedded installations, our bollards conform to applicable sections of ACI, AASHTO, ASTM, and UBC standards.

    Surface Treatments 

    The concrete shafts are lightly blasted to expose the texture and beauty of the natural and terrazzo aggregates while maintaining sharp definition of details and patterns.


    Colors and Finishes

    Standard, pre-formulated, and custom aggregate colors are available. We offer Amershield™, a premium graffiti-resistant coating, plus an assortment of durable sealers and protectants that further enhance colors, protect the concrete surface, and aid in the removal of graffiti.