• Wood-grained


    Produced from environmentally friendly spun-cast concrete, our wood-grained poles have the look and feel of wood without the cracking or warping. We duplicated the wood grain lines in every detail, making it the ideal solution for pathways, western themes, and green belts.


    Our wood-grained poles are available in several color stains to match any surrounding. The shafts are formed as a single-piece, square, concrete shaft with either a baseplate or direct embedded base. Centrifugally cast, our poles conform to AASHTO and ASTM-C1089 specifications. The luminaries are formed from the high-quality cast aluminum and are powder-coated as required.

    After manufacturing the shaft, the aggregate is lightly exposed by an even coating from a steel shot blaster. Following the shot blasting, the shaft is coated with a pigmented concrete coating to enhance shaft color.