• Spun-Cast Concrete Poles and Bollards

    We offer a variety of traditional and contemporary styles in an assortment of shapes, colors, textures and finishes that are perfect for any application or environment. Our innovative designs are a durable, attractive choice for parks, streetscapes and other landscaped areas. All Ameron™ poles and bollards are prestressed, spun-cast and carry a full 10-year warranty.

    The concrete pole shafts are prestressed with high tensile steel that is stretched before concrete is cast, then released afterward to maintain concrete compression during normal service conditions. Prestressing greatly increases both the strength and resilience of the pole, providing far greater longevity than non-prestressed concrete poles.

    All poles are centrifugally cast using high-strength concrete. This process yields significantly denser concrete than other casting methods while also increasing the strength-to-weight ratio of the poles. The resulting dense concrete encapsulates and protects the prestressing steel, virtually eliminating freeze-thaw problems that can damage other types of poles.

    Our concrete poles are simple to install, whether you choose a base plate system or a direct burial pole that can be embedded in most types of soils. All of our pole products are designed to meet or surpass regulatory guidelines for all types of projects and conform to applicable sections of AASHTO, ACI, ASTM and IBC standards.

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