• 10K Dual Ram ITBOP


    We provide an extensive offering of blowout preventers for well control and monitoring for high pressure applications with various ram options.


    • Standard models NACE compliant
    • Integral Flow Tee reduces stack height
    • All-steel construction eliminates risk of casting porosity


    Top connection2 9/16" 10K API studded
    Bottom connection2 9/16" 10K API flanged
    Vertical bore2.59"
    Working pressure10,000 psi
    Body and cap materialAlloy steel
    Ram materialAlloy steel
    Ram screw and packing glandAlloy steel
    Ram size optionsBlind, 1¼" & 1 ½"
    Ram screw packing ringHSN (HNBR)
    Side outlet connections2 1/16" 10K API studded
    Height18 ½"
    Weight334 lbs
    Width (rams open / closed)23.45" / 20.64"

    Note: Rams are directional. Rams cannot be removed and turned upside down to change top X bottom connection orientation.  

    Ram Materials
    Ram materialAISI 4130
    Ram sealHSN
    Maximum temperature325°F (163°C)
    Maximum H2S10%
    Maximum CO220%

    Note: Above temperatures are suggested maximum short-term ratings and should not be considered as a "continuous operating temperature.