• 1500 Single Ram BOP


    We provide an extensive offering of blowout preventers for well control and monitoring for high pressure applications with various ram options.


    • Caps have hammer lugs and ACME threads for fast removal and replacement. (ACME threads eliminate cross-threading) 
    • Cap with internal threads protected from the environment 
    • Lugless Cap Option for installation on API flanged bonnets 
    • Blow-out proof ram screw 
    • Full opening 
    • Reinforced ram block reduces extrusion 
    • Cap O-ring provides reliable, pressure-tight seal


    Sizes Available2"2 ½"3" LP
    Vertical bore1.975"2.560" 2.970"
    Working pressure1,500 psi
    Body and cap materialDuctile Iron*
    Ram screw and packing glandCarbon Steel**
    Ram size optionsBlind, ⅝"-1", 1 ⅛", 1 ¼", 1 ½", 1 ¾"
    Ram screw packing ringAcrylic Braided PTFE
    ConnectionMale x Female Thread
    Optional flange connectionsN/A
    Height9 ½"
    Weight43 lbs
    Width (rams open)20"

    Note: 150H and 200P rams are not interchangeable. Also they are "directional" due to the internal reinforcement plate. Always install with "THIS SIDE UP" sticker facing up.
    *Corrosion resistant materials and coatings available, contact customer service.
    **NACE stainless steel optional

    Ram Materials
    Maximum temperature250°F
    Maximum H2S2%2%10%20%35%
    Maximum CO2NR10%20%5%15%

    Note: Above temperatures are suggested maximum short-term ratings and should not be considered as a "continuous operating temperature.
     Always install with yellow "THIS SIDE UP" lettering facing up to minimize extrusion under pressure