• 3K Manual Dual Ram ITBOP


    Our Hercules™ 3K Manual Dual Ram ITBOP is the latest addition to our extensive offering of BOPs for well control and monitoring for high pressure applications.  Suitable for cyclic steam applications and with multiple ram options, our new BOP is equipped with high temperature paint and ready to handle your toughest applications.


    • Suitable for sour service (complies with NACE MR0175)
    • Integral Flow Tee reduces stack height
    • Primed and painted for high temperature
    • Suitable for up to 450°F cyclic steam applications


    Maximum working pressure3,000 psi
    Top connection 3 ⅛" 3 ,000 psi API studded and 3 ½" EUE Threads
    Bottom connection3 ⅛" 3,000 psi API studded
    Ram size optionsBlind, 1 ¼", 1 ½"
    Integral tee outlets2 1/16” 3,000 or 3 ⅛” 3,000 psi API studded