• Hercules HP Universal Wellhead  

    Reduce artificial lift surface conversion costs in unconventional oilfields using the Hercules™ HP Universal Wellhead.


    • Ability to switch between artificial lift methods using one body
    • High-pressure design - available in 5,000 and 10,000 psi versions
    • Consistent flow line height
    • Allows for offsite flowline fabrication with uniform (x,y) coordinates
    • Integral master valves
    • Multifunctional tubing hanger design
    • Integrated BPV profile
    • Custom configurations available
    • Greaseable pin rams
    • NACE compliant



    • Less than 30-in. tall
    • Switch between artificial lift methods with one wellhead
    • Ability to have a ""cookie cutter"" wellhead piping for all wells
    • Faster installs to bring new wells on production
    • Eliminates two days of lost production while converting wells over
    • Safer – eliminates the need for additional manpower to visit wellsites, which could expose them to chemicals and wellhead fluids
    • Welded piping can be UT'd to monitor sand erosion
    • Eliminates tall wellhead operational challenges




    • Initial flow, ESP, rod lift, gas lift, jet pump, plunger lift, PCP   


    • Single or dual master valves
    • Single- or dual-pin ram blocks