• Yale™ Unions


    Our Yale union design allows valves and other fittings to be removed easily from the production line. This feature offers special advantages when the fitting is installed in a short section of line, since it is not necessary to “spread” or bend the line when removing the fitting. Our unions can be manufactured to your material specifications: carbon steel, alloy steel or ductile iron.


    • Figure 110 "Insulating Unions"
    • Figure 210 "Blanking Union"
    • Figure 300I "Insulating Unions"
    • Figure 300 "Flat Face"
    • Figure 310 "Threaded Choke"
    • Figure 800 "Quick Stab"
    • Figure 800R "Quick Stab"


    Maximum working pressure range500 - 12,500 psi
    Maximum temperature500°F (260°C)
    Size range¼" - 8"