• Batam, Indonesia

    Our fabrication facility in Batam, Indonesia was previously ProFab. It was acquired by NOV in 2015. For more detailed information about the certifications and capabilities at this location, please click here: www.nov.com/profab

    Total Area: 140,000 m2
    Facility Size: 27,500 m2
    Waterfront Size: 350 m
    Loadout Capacity: 4,000 tons

    Certifications Held: ISO 9001:2008, ASME–U, S, DR, U2, PP, OF, API 2B, SMK3
    Processes: Rolling, cutting, assembly, welding, cladding and weld overlay, PWHT, painting and coating (including TSA), loadout support, procurement, hydrostatic testing, fitting, packing and sea fastening


    For more information about this facility please contact us at pft@nov.com