• GoDevelop

    We provide specialized training courses tailored to the supplied capital equipment or to fit the client’s needs and application.



      These are available in the field or at a convenient classroom location:

    • Produced solid handling and cleaning education
    • Oil, water, gas and solids education
      • Hydrate Inhibition Technology (HITTM)/MEG unit
      • Triethylene Glycol Regenerative Gas Dehydration Systems (TEG)
      • Sulphate Removal and Seawater Treatment
      • Gravity Separation (with options for internals design, fabrication and hands-on installation)
      • Electrostatic Coalescing and Desalter
      • Heavy Oil
      • On-site production, Process, Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      • Real Field Data Analyses and Optimization of Equipment (from NOV or others)
      • Conceptual Design Workshops (tailored to particular green or brownfield applications)
      • Full visualization of separation internals using live laboratory and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations
      • Programs incorporating key equipment suppliers or special guest speakers
    • Produced water treatment education
    • Mixing package operation/maintenance
    • Reciprocating pump package operation/maintenance
    • Progressive cavity Pump package operation/maintenance
    • Artificial lift system operation/maintenance  


     Common Product Applications Serviced:

    Oil & Gas

    • Offshore Production and Processing Equipment
    • Onshore Production and Processing Equipment
    • Saltwater Disposal Equipment
    • Artificial Lift Equipment
    • Mud Mixing Equipment
    • Midstream Equipment


    • Mining/Minerals Processing Equipment
    • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical Equipment
    • Water/Wastewater Equipment
    • Agriculture Equipment
    • Food and Beverage Equipment
    • Pulp and Paper Equipment