• Advanced Separator Internals Design

    Our advanced separation internals improve the performance of horizontal separators, gas scrubbers, flare knockout drums, slug catchers, and free water knockout drums. We have extensive experience when it comes to optimizing separator design, coming up with recommendations for separator size and optimum internals, as well as increasing the throughput of existing separators through improved internals design.



    Through decades of field experience, lessons learned in retrofitting and consultancy services, and our continuous research and improvement program, we have developed a unique depth of competence in design and technology selection to add maximum value in terms of throughput and reliability.

    Separation and water treatment consultancy

    We provide an integrated consultancy service, harnessing our decades of separation and water handling experience, our world-leading team of engineers and scientists, and our globally acclaimed research and development resources and programs.

    Our unmatched strength in this field stems from a continuous cycle of demanding field activity, expert consultancy work, and research and development of processes and products, which allow us to apply ‘hindsight’ to our customers’ process design and improvement needs.   

    As an integrated technology provider, we’re the only company you need for your separation and water treatment needs. 

    Process retrofitting and revamps

    We offer retrofit and full revamp solutions which revitalize outputs and extend production on brownfield and other current operations. 

    We take responsibility for every stage of a project cycle, from earliest analysis to process commissioning and beyond, allowing us to guarantee timely completion and seamlessly manage the interactions between each stage to achieve holistic and reliable solutions. Because we know where to look, what to look for, and which technologies to select, we are able to provide our clients with the best solutions on the market. 

    Process studies

    We work beside our customers to resolve all challenges, from the design of complete separation and water treatment systems to troubleshooting and investigation of de-bottlenecking opportunities.   

    Our strength here is our ability to consider the process system as a whole, as well as having specialist competence on specific equipment. We build a full and clear picture of system performance using our tools and techniques for process analysis, fluids characterization, and flow dynamics modelling. Recommended options for improvement are fully explained and justified, along with a clear strategy for implementation, to ensure client trust and confidence in the value of investment decisions. 

    FPSO design and sloshing studies

    We have specific skills and technology to balance maximum separator performance with motion dampening to avoid mechanical damage or accidental alarm-tripping on floating vessels. 

    We augment our extensive FPSO-related experience by simulating internal separator liquid levels using computational fluid dynamics techniques, often coupled with physical modelling in our testing facility, to verify designs for optimal performance. 

    Flow modelling and computational fluid dynamics

    Computational fluid dynamics is a simulation tool that complements our process upgrade and physical modelling expertise. 

    In improving performance of separators, we discover and inform our clients exactly how fluid dynamics effect process efficiency before factoring in productivity improvements. 

    These studies cover static and dynamic simulations, both single and multiphase.