• Oil Treatment

    With decades of field-based experience and an elite team of experts, we provide complete separation, dehydration, and desalting solutions for crude oil. We can design and supply a full range of separator and scrubber internals, deoiling hydrocyclones, electrostatic coalescers, compact oil treaters, and heavy oil processing systems for both onshore and offshore. Our services include consultancy, testing, and qualification.

    We make use of standardized components to come up with a customized design for all our products, carefully balancing parameters such as cost, performance, size, and weight in order to maximize the performance value for our clients in diverse operational conditions. Our products are based on 40 years of experience and are continuously improved based on feedback from brownfield retrofit projects.

    Our products include:

    • Separators with internals
    • Scrubbers with internals
    • Vertical/horizontal flow electrostatic dehydrator
    • Electrostatic desalter systems
    • Compact Electrostatic Coalescer (CEC™)
    • Compact wellhead separators and scrubbers
    • Slug catchers/knockout drums
    • Free water knockout drums
    • Heater treaters

    In addition to consultancy, commissioning, start-up, and operational support, we provide full aftermarket services for our installed equipment, including maintenance, optimization, spare parts management, and operator training. Our offering is a true start-to-finish service, in which every element reflects our superior expertise and commitment to perform.

    We release maximum value—at minimum cost to our operators—from these products and services.   


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