• 2, 3 and 4 Phase Separators

    Each wellsite is unique, with varying pressure and varying components. So, you need a separator that's just right for you. That's why we offer 2, 3, and 4-Phase Separators that are pre-engineered and field-proven. Our separators can handle gas/liquid separation (2 Phase), gas/oil/water separation (3 Phase) and can also incorporate our unique Tore™ Online Vessel Desander (OVD) technology to handle gas/oil/water/sand separation (4 Phase). 

    Plus, pre-engineered, inventoried models are eligible for "Quick Ship" on-demand delivery because we know that you need equipment on time.



    The initial separation of gas from liquid occurs when the production steam first encounters the  inlet device. Our separators allow the heavier liquid to descend and gas to rise, effectively separating  larger liquid droplets from gas. Liquids then fall from the bottom of the vessel, while the natural gas  exits from the top.  


    • Horizontal and vertical orientations available
    • Both standard equipment and custom engineered vessels available
    • ASME code and non-code vessels available
    • Features a pressure relief valve and liquid level controller


    • Available in sizes:
      • 4' x 20'
      • 6' x 20'
      • 8' x 20'
    • All sizes use a working pressure of 75 or 125 PSI

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