• High-Efficiency Vessel Internals

    We supply high performance vessel internals to meet the specific needs of upstream, midstream and downstream customers. With 30 years of process equipment experience, our engineers are well-equipped to analyze your current production flow qualities and determine a recommendation for optimization. Further enhanced by our use of CFD modeling and MySep software and proprietary software, our teams are able to virtually model separation applications prior to installation. We have the tools and the know-how to optimize your separation process.

    High-efficiency Vessel Internals we supply include:

    • Inlet Devices
      • Type "S"
      • Cyclonic Inlet
    • Flow Equalizers
      • Calming Baffle
      • Wave/Foam Breaker
      • Anti-Turbulence
    • Gas/Liquid
      • Mesh Pad
      • Vane Pack
      • Axial Flow Multi-Cyclone
    • Liquid/Liquid
      • Cross Flow Plate Pack
      • DC & CPI Coalescer
    • Solid/Liquid
      • Tore™ Online Vessel Desander (OVD)

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