• Horizontal Gun Barrel

    Vertical gun barrel separators, standard in the industry for the last century, are proving to be inevitably inefficient. Solids buildup continually leads to poor oil/water separation. That’s why we’ve introduced a change in direction. Our newly designed Horizontal Gun Barrel’s orientation results in a significant increase in recovered oil volume -- giving you more profitability. Combined with our unique online Tore™ desanding technology, the vessel provides greater efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs. Ideal for use in Saltwater Disposal Facilities.



    How it Works:
    Well fluids are introduced into the Horizontal Gun Barrel where two distribution baffles spread the fluid across the vessel into the primary separation section. Oil and water separate via gravity, and solids settle and accumulate on the bottom of the separator. Oil is discharged to an oil storage tank. Water may be processed to a WaterWolf™ Dynamic Oil Recovery system, water storage, or injection pumps. The sand removal process incorporates our proprietary Tore™ Online Desanding Technology which transports up to 4 tons of solids per hour. The vessel operates at approximately 50 psi of pressure, allowing for the effective flow of the separated streams to lower pressure receiving systems by level control instrumentation.




    • Distribution baffles
    • Online solids removal system
    • Online rag layer removal
    • Recover more oil
    • Minimize tank short- circuiting
    • Reduce oil droplet rise distance vs. typical vertical gun barrel
    • Cross-current vs. counter-current flow

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