• Separation Modules

    With over 30 years of experience in process module and package development, and over 2,000 projects completed, our team of experts is well equipped to design and fabricate both traditional and custom topside modules. We have eight facility locations strategically spread across the globe and are able to serve our customers no matter their location, with large waterfront locations for easy load-out. Our teams of experienced engineers, project managers, fabricators, and service specialists provide concept plans, FEEDs, detailed design and continued involvement throughout the fabrication and manufacturing process. Incorporating our unique technologies to meet our customers’ specific needs, we deliver complete, integrated topsides solutions.

    Our separation modules include:

    • Production and test separators
    • Slug catchers
    • Free water knock-outs (FWKOs)
    • Well cleanup



    To service our customers in the areas where offshore production is most prevalent, we have conveniently located waterfront fabrication facilities at the following locations:

    • Harvey, Louisiana
    • Montrose, Scotland
    • Batam, Indonesia

    With a combined total facility area of over 32,000 m2, our locations boast an impressive array of manufacturing capabilities. Using a wide variety of machinery, we are able to accomplish the majority of the manufacturing steps in-house, which helps to reduce project schedules and ensure quality.