• Tore Scrub

    The Tore™ Scrub is a compact sand-washing device incorporating a vessel containing a combination of Tore fluidizers and solid/ liquid cyclones to accomplish the washing cycle. Dirty sand with crude oil or other contaminants requires washing prior to the sand being disposed of or recycled. The Tore Scrub is designed to carry out this process and uses the combination of solid/liquid cyclones, a Tore fluidizer, and a jet pump to remove the contaminants from the sand. An example would be the cleaning of sand contaminated with oil to allow the sand to be discharged to sea within current environmental regulations/constraints.



    Cyclones are used to separate contaminants from the sand, allowing the sand to drop to the base of the vessel where the fluidizer is used to hydro-transport sand either by recycling them in a controlled flow back through the inlet of the cyclones for further separation or for discharge from the vessel. Sand is fed to the Tore Scrub either at a high concentration into the vessel itself or at lower concentration into the solid/liquid cyclone in the top of the unit. The sand is accumulated in the collection chamber under the cyclones. Once charged with sand the Tore Scrub vessel is isolated from the sand feed and depressurized. A washing mode is then started. In order to wash the sand, a recycle line is used to re-circulate the sand slurry generated by a Tore through the cyclone at the inlet to the vessel. To boost the pressure in the recycle line a jet pump is included.

    The high centrifugal forces and attrition set up in the jet pump, solid/liquid cyclones, and Tore act as scrubbing devices on the solid particles, washing contaminants from their surfaces. The feed to the cyclone is kept below 10% slurry by weight to prevent the hydrocyclone from blocking. Prior to final discharge, the sand is usually tested to ensure compliance with environmental standards. If the sand requires further washing, they would simply be recycled through the device until it could be discharged at the required levels. Having been washed to the required standard, the sand is discharged from the device using the fluidizer. This allows quick and efficient removal of the sand. Once emptied, the Tore Scrub is returned on-line and is ready to receive the next batch of oily sand. It is necessary to have a clean motive fluid available to drive the fluidizer and jet pump while washing the sand.


    • Where sand contaminated with crude oil requires cleaning for disposal
    • Can be installed in conjunction with Tore trap desanders or vessels with Tore OVDs installed
    • Can be installed in conjunction with Fil-Tore as a wash vessel to clean the media
    • Cleaning sand/media beds for water purification


    • Insensitive to motion on FPSOs
    • Smaller footprint and weight than conventional sand-washing technologies
    • Tore fluidizer and solid/liquid cyclones are reliable, proven technologies utilized worldwide
    • No moving parts in contact with the sand, meaning low maintenance requirements
    • Washes the sand at source, eliminating the requirement for storage of dirty sand on site or shipment of the oily sands or cleaning/disposal facilities
    • Washes to strict environmental standards, providing an environmentally friendly solution and returning clean sand to nature
    • Can be completely automated, removing the requirement for direct operator intervention in normal operation
    • Sand cleanliness can be ascertained using a simple retort test