• End-Fittings

    The end-fitting constitutes the transition between the flexible pipe system and interfacing topside/subsea facilities, including FPSOs/FPUs, platforms, wellheads, subsea installations, etc. A wide variety of independent tests as witnessed by recognized third parties have documented that our proprietary and patented end-fitting design ensures an unparalleled robustness in anchoring each armouring layer and an unsurpassed sealing capacity for the polymer sheath layers of the flexible pipe structure.

    Each layer of the Flexibles pipe is mechanically terminated within the end-fitting in a way that maintains the fluid-tight seals under the specified design and operational conditions. The end-fitting design is based on a unique and patented wire termination methodology, whereupon the entire end-fitting void is filled with high-performance epoxy to provide additional anchoring of all pipe layers and end-fitting components within the end-fitting.

    Just as the individual end-fittings are designed to match specific requirements, a number of flange connectors are provided to ensure the correct interface, all manufactured to standards specified by clients, e.g. API 6A, ASME B16.5, Grayloc-type, compact flanges, etc. 

    Advantages of Flexibles’ end-fittings:

    • Anchoring of tensile armour wires by welding or epoxy anchoring  
    • Seal to polymeric pressure sheath using PTFE gasket rings
    • Axial fixation of carcass  
    • Axial fixation of polymeric pressure sheath  
    • Mechanical anchoring of armour wires  
    • Mechanical fixation of outersheath
    • Analytical and finite element analysis verified by tests  
    • Temperature/pressure test of gasket system 

    • A 12" ID production jumper pipe and end-fitting with cathodic protection. Each end-fitting is the result of days of painstakingly accurate handiwork by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen
    • End-fitting anchoring follows a series of proprietary processes  
    • Our end-fittings consist of a number of precisely machined and cladded components. This image shows a disassembled end-fitting