• Concept and FEED Studies

    We draw on in-house engineering expertise to supply complete studies. Whether the task is a concept study or a FEED study, we supply a complete study recommending the optimal technical solution together with associated cost and schedule.

    • Remove project uncertainties
    • Identify critical project components
    • Reduce loads between flexibles, subsea and topside structures
    • Assess total cost of flexible pipe package
    • Assess best logistic solution (reel or turntable delivery)

    Example of FEED and Concept studies from SAS:

    Very harsh environment and deep water: 
    The Client requested an assessment of the feasibility of large diameter flexible risers in deep water and with a very harsh environment. On top if this, the configuration included a dis-connectable turret solution also provided by NOV. The study proved feasibility and included optimization of both the flexible risers and the turret systems, allowing for a cost optimization of the entire system, thus showing the strength and the versatility of the NOV family.

    Shallow water and harsh environment:
    A FEED study was performed for large and medium diameter pipes in a harsh environment and in shallow water. A feasible system was presented along with the main characteristics for the ancillary components, resulting in a reduced risk for the Client as well as a more refined cost overview for the subsequent tender phase.

    Optimized end fitting design: 
    SAS was approached with a request for detailed cross sectional pipe designs and end fittings characteristics. Certain geometrical restrictions applied for the end fittings, which had to be optimized in order to meet the Client requests. 

    Pull-in of flexible riser in existing J-tube:
    Client needed assistance in addressing technical uncertainties associated with the selection of flexible pipe for a new development where a flexible should be pulled in through an existing J-tube. Uncertainties were related to space restrictions, high temperature in J-tube, long durations of low temperature events and risk of slugging. The concept study from SAS included recommendations for flexible pipe and end fitting solutions.