• Integrity Studies

    For assessment studies related to the integrity of flexible pipes, our scopes range from evaluation of changes in operational parameters compared to original design basis to lifetime extension studies and regular assessment of monitored data from operation. Drawing on decades of flexible pipe expertise and access to specialists and test results, we address your issues with due consideration to safety, performance , care for the assets and environment. 

    • +200 engineers specialised in flexible pipe design and assessment
    • Superior materials knowhow supporting integrity assessments
    • Integrity studies managed by dedicated project teams
    • Laboratory or workshop testing complementing engineering analysis

    Examples of studies performed by SAS:

    Low temperature assessment in flexible jumper
    Client’s jumper was cooled down below the glass transition temperature for shorter periods and NOV was requested to assess fitness for service for the jumper affected by the cooling. NOV evaluated the integrity of the jumper including end fitting  with  assistance from in-house polymer specialists and small scale test data. NOV concluded that the jumper could be put back in service subject to testing

    Assessment of increased CO2 level
    Due to  addition of a new well, the CO2 level in client’s gas export riser had increased and NOV made a reanalysis of corrosion, utililization and permeation and found that the riser could continue service with the higher CO2 level without reducing the original design service life. 

    Conversion study
    Client requested NOV to assess the option of using a water injection riser  as a gas injection riser for a specified period. NOV evaluated the feasibility of the changes by performing cross-section and global analysis with the new operational conditions and application. It was challenging to make the new system feasible, but with some relaxations on the operational parameters, NOV concluded that the conversion was feasible.  
    Lifetime extension of flexible riser
    Client contacted NOV to assess if service life of a  flexible riser could be extended with 8 years due to the addition of a new field tied back to the original. In addition to the required engineering analysis, a gap analysis was made in order to identify if new design rules needed to be addressed. In this case, the life time extension was judged to be acceptable and client could delay replacement investments.