• Laboratory Services

    When performing integrity testing, we may use our in-house laboratory facilities during the assessment of flexible pipes in service. Testing is performed at one of Flexibles’ two ISO-17025 accredited laboratories.

    • Compatibility testing
    • Ageing testing
    • Sour service testing
    • Fatigue testing

    Example of laboratory service from SAS:

    Carcass testing 
    Client needed to check carcass compatibility with a high CO2 content. SAS suggested a test program comprising PVDF high CO2 decompression test (blistering test) and carcass autoclave testing with more test specimens.

    Polymer Coupon testing
    Polymer coupons retrieved from offshore operation was tested and assessed in order to evaluate the condition of the internal pressure sheath. Corrected Inherent Viscosity (CIV) test for PA-11 coupons and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) of PA11 and PVDF coupons were performed.

    Dropped object analysis/Impact load
    Project included dissection of flexible pipe samples exposed to different impact loads under different conditions in order to asses maximum impact load for the particular pipe design.

    Bending radius test/simulation of installation scenario
    In plane bending test performed in NOV’s test facility with the purpose of simulating different installation scenarios with exceeded MBRs.