• Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL)

    NOVs Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) solution enables operational pigging without vessel or ROV support during pigging. The SAPL is mounted on a subsea structure, and is loaded with pigs from a retrievable cassette. The cassette can house a number of pigs which can be launched individually from shore or platform at desired time. Subsea pigging technology is today an essential part of offshore field development in fields with different flow characteristics, sizes, geographies, water depth and weather conditions. 

    The Subsea Automated Pig Launcher (SAPL) will simplify operations related to:

    • Pre-commissioning and commissioning 
    • Wax control
    • Slug control
    • Intelligent pigging (inspection)

    Interesting presentation by TOTAL on how to reduce the cost of offshore gas production transportation. Our SAPL is a viable alternative to reduce cost and the number of flowlines. Read the presentation here!



    The subsea automated pig launcher (SAPL) offers a variety of benefits:

    • Subsea launching (no platform required)
    • Remote launching (no vessel or ROV required)
    • Multiple-pig cassette (reduced number of trips by service vessel)
    • No round trip pigging required (improved production uptime, no need for dual pipelines)
    • Inspection pigging with the same unit
    • RFO operations possible with ROV support / control only