• Protection

    We deliver bespoke subsea infrastructure systems, fitted to your specifications. If your construction or protection project has any kind of corrosion, weight or access problem, it is likely that we have an FRP composite or thermoplastic solution for you.



    Examples of protection systems delivered by NOV:

    Cocoon and Shroud™

    The Cocoon and Shroud product is designed as a snag-free, lightweight and slippery structure to provide the wellhead with protection from fishing net incursions. The concept was uniquely devised to reduce the cost and size of large conventional overtrawlable structures, particularly the cost of deployment and installation.

    The Cocoon approach uses the primary structural parts of the subsea production structure as the anchor, instead of a dedicated foundation. The SPS equipment is designed for significant loads, and so has capacity to support the cocoon and any accidental incident loads during its service life. The design uses a conventional guidebase, with the addition of a “skirt” below the guidebase to complete the Cocoon and Shroud™ shape. This results in a simple, elegant design which can be modified to suit local requirements for the NCS. 

    Over 30 Cocoon and Shroud protection systems have been deployed for a North Sea customer during the past 17 years.


    Impact protection covers

    Our impact protection covers combine superior strength with a light-weight construction that enables deployment in even very challenging conditions. 

    Constructed from a resin-infused FRP composite, our impact protection covers shield the subsea oilfield pipeline equipment from practically any physical damage. They are tailored to make a perfect fit for the operator’s existing proprietary equipment and fixtures and designed to last for the duration of the field’s design life while still being as easy to install as they are to remove.