• Gas Sealability Testing

    In recent years, an increasing number of large bore casing applications require connectors with gas tight pressure seals. For 20- and 22-inch casing sizes, XL Systems offers two solutions, XLW-GT and Viper, that meet or exceed the most demanding gas pressure requirements.

    For each connection, XL Systems has completed combined load sealability testing to ISO/FDIS 13679:2011 CAL I-E (with gas) requirements. This test program combines axial tension or compression loads with internal gas pressure, external water pressure, and/or bending. Testing has been successful up to 95% of actual X80 pipe body internal pressure ratings for both XLW-GT and Viper connectors.

    Each connector offers its own unique benefits. XLW-GT is a wedge thread connector with an internal metal seal. Viper is a quick make-up connector with a primary O-ring pressure seal.

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