• Single Boom Crane

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    From one job to the next, you need a partner who can help you work faster, safer and smarter.  We don’t just piece together a solution that “gets it done.” We combine years of expertise with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the most dependable equipment on the market today.

    Our Single Boom Crane performs external lifts over the side of the vessel and internal lifts on the deck of the vessel for you in a safe and smooth fashion.


    The ram cylinder luffing Box Boom Crane is the work horse of the marine environment. Its solid and robust construction ensures a high degree of reliability and low levels of maintenance. It is designed for use on all types of vessels operating under offshore conditions. The box boom itself is designed to absorb shocks caused by impact of the load being lifted. The crane has a low center of gravity and operates on a very short working radius. A heavy lift bracket can be fitted underneath the boom in order to increase the lifting capacity at a decreased working radius.


    • Designed to meet rules and regulations of all major statutory bodies
    • Versatile applications
    • Reliable and sturdy design, built for rough handling
    • Design offers low center of gravity
    • Box boom designed to absorb shocks
    • Operates on short working radius
    • Ram cylinder luffing eliminates stalling of boom
    • Lifting capacity increased by heavy lift bracket reduces the height of the center of gravity (option)
    • Integrated power pack; electro-hydraulic or diesel drive (option)
    • Easy and low-cost maintenance
    • Long service life


    Typical range:

    • Safe Working Load SWL: 1 - 350 mT 
    • Working radius: 5 - 55 m

    Typical Options: 

    • For operation in safe or hazardous zones 
    • Auxiliary Hoist
    • Safety system for supply boat lifts and sub sea lifts
    • Active Heave Compensated system
    • Remote control
    • Constant tension system
    • Cabin or open platform
    • Specialized lifting yokes
    • Load turning device


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