• OC - L Crane 

    Your partner for a Lifetime of Lifting!

    Designed with your operations in mind, OC-L Cranes are recognized worldwide as high performance and quality cranes as well as being the ultimate choice on production or drilling offshore units.


    Understanding and anticipating your needs, building on what we know works and continually pushing our own standards higher has helped us manufacture the safest, most efficient and most reliable OC-L crane series. We offer you a wide variety of cranes with lifting capacities up to 300 tons, providing you with the best selection of models to fit your specific lifting and handling needs for offshore drilling or production vessels. All models are designed to solve your operational challenges.

    Every crane is built to perform deck-to-deck lifting as well as loading and unloading to and from supply vessels. The OC-L series answers the industry’s demand to maximize rig up time while providing increased safety for your personnel and installations

    These units are designed to meet the most stringent rules and regulations. Different versions are available to meet any requirements in today’s commonly used standards and codes.  Customized versions can be made available on request including structures and machinery prepared for use in arctic environment.

    We partner with you throughout the lifecycle of your crane to help maintain rig up time and decrease total cost of ownership. New levels of cost efficiency are achieved through our cutting-edge technology, project execution and aftermarket care.



    • Certified for personnel and MOB boat lifting 
    • World class  Weight/Capacity Ratio
    • Substantial Off board Lifting Capacity
    • Relevant for all types of installations; Fixed Platforms, Jack-Ups, FPSOs, Drillships, and Semisubmersibles
    • Simplified design for easy access and maintenance (stair access, no safety harness required)
    • Reduced life cycle cost/ low maintenance cost, all parts are tested independently and can be separately repaired
    • Cutting edge cabin layout - ensuring unobstructed view for enhanced safety and, operator comfort, resulting in an impeccable working environment
    • All common rules & regulations; for example ABS, DNV-GL, API, EN, ...
    • All cranes can be delivered in either all-electric, electric-hydraulic or diesel –hydraulic
    • Integrated emergency operational power pack 
    • Optimized for easy shipment, installation and commission



    Designed for all main type of installations:

    • Jackup 
    • Semi-sub
    • DrillShip
    • FPSO
    • Fixed 
    • Others

    Standard crane elevations:

    • FPSOs: 30 – 50 m 
    • DrillShip: 30 - 50 m
    • Semi-sub: 35 - 60 m
    • Jackup: 30 - 80 m
    • Others on request

    Environmental conditions:

    • Operational temperature:-20 to +45˚C 
    • Design  temperature:-20 to +45˚C

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