• AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System

    Advanced Technology: AMPHION is a fully integrated, networked rig control system in a compact, comfortable and cost-effective package.

    "Voice of the Customer"

    • "AMPHION is the best system out there."
    • " Using the AMPHION System, you can drill further on a lateral."
    • " It drills a better hole with reduced torque and drag."

    • Advanced Technology:  The AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System is a high-availability integrated rig control system for managing, controlling, and monitoring rig floor equipment in independent and activity-based operations.  The system is designed to allow operators to focus on Drilling, Tripping, and Stand-Building processes by providing an efficient and intuitive rig floor command center.
    • Interactive Controls:  The AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System is interactive through the use of color-graphic data and control screens viewed on any of the AMPHION Touchscreens integrated into the operator workstations. Touchscreens allow the Driller, Assistant Driller, or Pipehandler to supervise and control all drilling-related functions.
    • Multi-Tool Control Cabinet:  The main elements of the AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System are the Multi-Tool Control Cabinet, which houses control modules and network devices, one or more operator workstations, and one or more control modules to drive the rig equipment. All modules include an AMPHION Tool Controller, communication hardware, and user software interface functionality. The design avoids single point failures through a robust network with redundant touchscreens running in parallel.


    AMPHION Touchscreen HMI Features and Benefits

    • Concise, activity based information
    • Color graphics, faster to read
    • Integrated control buttons and knobs
    • Multiple equipment via single screen
    • User selectable information displays
    • High-bright, sunlight viewable
    • Fast Response (typical 200 milliseconds)
    • Speed of comprehending information
    • Speed of deduction
    • Decision quality and speed
    • Optimized Actions
    • Performance and Safety

    AMPHION Top Drive Features and Benefits

    • SoftSpeed II ready without any additional hardware
    • Casing Running Tool (CRT) ready
    • Auto Torque Wrench function
    • Direction drilling features available without any additional hardware
    • Zone Management System ready
    • Tool-to-Tool Interlocks built in
    • Monkey Board Collision Warning System (MCWS)

    AMPHION Drawworks Features and Benefits

    • Dynamic and Static Drill Line protection including Overpull and Bird-nesting
    • Block Control including Crown and Floor Protection and Additional Operation Stop Points
    • Brake Capacity Test Capabilities
    • Bridge Protection
    • Superior Auto-drilling Features Based on Delta P, ROP, Weight on Bit and Drill Torque
    • Auto-reaming
    • Zone Management System Ready
    • Tool-to-Tool Interlocks built in
    • Redundant Joystick Inputs

    AMPHION Mud Pump Features and Benefits

    • Auto-starting and Enhanced Monitoring of Auxiliaries
    • Mud Pump Anti-sync Software ready (with additional hardware)
    • Pause/ Resume feature
    • Belt Slip Detection
    • Overpressure Shutdown
    • Tool-to-Tool Interlocks built in (IBOP Auto Function)