• Bushings

    National Oilwell Varco provides reliable bushings for use in all rotary drilling and casing applications. Even with the rise of overhead drilling, rotary systems are still prevalent in the land rig market and as a backup or compliment to more modern top drive systems. For this reason, NOV continues to offer a time tested and industry proven line of bushings to accommodate both primary and backup rotary drilling applications. This offering includes a wide range of master bushings, roller kelly bushings and casing bushings to accommodate virtually any combination of rotary table and tubular.

    NOV's line of bushings dates back to the creation of Varco as a small handling tools company in 1908. Since that time, NOV's Varco BJ group has remained on the cutting edge of bushing technology. Today, National Oilwell Varco stands poised as the industry leader in the sale, manufacture and support of an endless array of rotary drilling solutions.

    Bushings are specially designed for use with all NOV rotary tables, as well as a number of other brands used throughout the industry. This makes them the preferred choice to round out your rotary equipment package. Bushings are manufactured to high quality standards at NOV facilities in the Netherlands and Mexicali. In addition, all NOV bushings are supported by the company's global array of service centers and field support.

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