• ADS-10SD AC Electric Gear Driven Drawworks

    National Oilwell Varco's Automated Drawworks System (ADS) Drawworks provide drillers with enhanced hoisting control capabilities efficiency, productivity and safety of the drilling process.

    National Oilwell Varco's ADS Drawworks provide drillers with enhanced hoisting control capabilities that increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of the drilling process. The drawworks are equipped with AC motors, providing significantly more performance and requiring approximately half the space and weight, as well as less maintenance than traditional drawworks.

    Advanced Braking System:

    • A sophisticated braking system that offers precise proportional control improves drilling and tripping efficiency, as well as increasing safety
    • Unique AC-Power control characteristics allow regenerative braking and load holding without using the friction-plate brakes


    • Automation of repetitive drilling operations through a wide variety of user-friendly NOV control systems
    • The control system software includes the following features as standard:
      • Monitoring and control of brake and lube system
      • Monitoring of AC motor temperature and cooling pressure
      • Interface to hook load sensor (dead line)
      • Dynamic Floor and Crown Saver System
      • Disc Brake testing system
      • Disc Brake burning in system
      • "Slip and Cut" function
      • Drawworks power management system


    • Choice of one, two, three or four AC motors with regenerative braking (see specifications chart)
    • Unique modularity of common components offering configurable drawworks models for individual customer applications from 1500 to 6000 HP
    • High capacity water and air-cooled friction-plate braking system offers precision control of the dynamic and static braking capabilities
    • Robust single-speed gear drive reduces space and maintenance requirements
    • Powered by drilling-industry proven variable frequency drives
    • Single unitized frame with simplified drum provides a significantly reduced moment of inertia


    Intermittent Horsepower


    Continuous Horsepower


    Drum Size

    30" x 55"

    Skid Dimensions L x W (ft.)

    20.6' x 9'

    Weight (lbs)


    Line Size

    1.375" XXIP

    3rd Layer Hook Load (lbs.)

    8 Lines


    10 Lines


    12 Lines



    2 x 1150 HP


    1 x GB15


    1 x 36"

    Single Line Pull (lbs)