• Stand Transfer Vehicle™ (STV)

    The Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV) is designed to rack tubulars between the fingerboard area and well center.

    • Innovative Upgrade: Our Stand Transfer Vehicle (STV) is an innovative technology upgrade that removes the derrickman from the mast. Designed for most doubles and triples mast applications, the STV integrates into existing fingerboard footprints with a minimal weight increase on the fingerboard.
    • Key Feature:  The key feature of the STV is its ability to quickly retain and release the stand during hand over to the hydraulic elevator or fingerboard slots utilizing a patented Stand Capture Head. Primary Electric-over-Hydraulic controls with dual high resolution camera feedback provide safe, fast, and reliable tripping of 3.5” to 10” stands of tubing, drill pipe, and drill collars.
    • Ease of Installation:  The STV easily installs into the mast by including an integral fingerboard with diving board mounted trolley mechanism and remote operated fingerboard latches. Also included is a remote control station, a local control station, and the STV maintenance platform.
    • Added Value:  The STV increases rig automation, streamlining pipehandling operations and ensuring consistent tripping speeds are maintained throughout the entire process. An increase in safety protocols and a reduction of potential down-time ensures drilling schedules remain on time and uninterrupted. Designed for efficient tripping operations without the need for a man in the derrick, the STV is a technological innovation that will add value and increase efficiency in your drilling operations.



    • Removes the derrickman from the mast
    • Brings second most experienced man to the rig floor
    • Promotes safety by reducing human error and fatigue
    • Intuitive, ergonomic operator controls for ease of use
    • Remote control station for operation at drill floor level
    • Requires minimal training to become proficient
    • Two camera system for increased operator visibility
    • Maintains tripping speed with greater consistency and fewer errors
    • Maintains manual racking option
    • Handles large collars with ease





    Electrical Requirements


    120 VAC

    Hydraulic Requirements


    15gpm, 2,500 psi

    Hydraulic Lines


    0.5"-8 JIC fitting



    0.5"-8 JIC fitting



    0.38"-6 JIC fitting

    TYPICAL Weight 



    Diving board variable, Ideal Rig


    9,500 lbs

    Model STV


    2,500 lbs




    Maximum Extension Force


    1,800 lbs retracted; 2,700 lbs extended

    Maximum Retraction Force


    1,800 lbs extended; 1,200 lbs

    Maximum Radial Force at Extension


    1,500 lbs

    Maximum Slew Moment


    30,000 in-lbs = 2,500 ft-lbs

    Tubular Capacities


    3.5" Drill Pipe to 10" Collars




    Extension Speed


    Up to 0.67 ft/sec

    Retraction Speed


    Up to 0.67 ft/sec

    Slew Time


    90º in 3.2 sec

    Carriage Travel


    up to 0.75 ft/sec


     Customer Comments:

    • "The derrickman expressed learning more over the last few weeks about drilling than he ever has before thanks to the STV."  David Roop of XTO.
      • The derrickman is also the assistant driller.  By removing the derrickman from the mast and enabling him to work side-by-side with the driller, he is learning driller's tasks faster and decreasing the time to turn a derrickman into a driller.
    • "Loving the STV.  Not slowing us down at all.  I suggest them on all rigs."
    • "Don't change anything on it!  We like it the way it is." 
    • "It has exceeded my expectations.  We've had plenty of trips and it hasn't had any downtime."
    • "That's one of the benefits of this piece of equipment; no downtime.  If it were to break, you can go up there and work the board."
    • "It improves safety tremendously.  It takes the human out of harm's way."