• AC Drives

    The Drill Force™ VFD Systems is highly configurable for the smallest drilling machinery requirements or expandable to the largest drilling requirements.

    • Drill Force™ VFD Systems are air cooled and is Type tested to internationally recognized EC 61493-1 specifications.  The Drill Force product line is designed to meet the requirements of all rig types.
    • Types:  The Drill Force System is offered as the Drill Force LT (Air Cooled Land Type), the Drill Force AC (Air Cooled), or the Drill Force WC (Water Cooled).  The Drill Force VFD Systems are extremely reliable and integrate seamlessly with NOV control systems and machinery.
    • Generator Controls and Switchgear:  The generator control system is built with flexibility and can utilize the Ross Hill control module or the Woodward generator control module, depending on the needs of the rig.  The cubicle design is accessible through the front in land applications and can be outfitted for rear access in marine applications.
    • Aftermarket Suport:  As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), NOV provides comprehensive aftermarket service solutions to support the lifetime of your equipment through an integrated network of stratigically located facilities worldwide.


    • Rugged, robust construction
    • Enhanced safety, installation, and serviceability
    • Isolated main bus and motor cable terminations sections
    • Design optimized for integration with oilfield/marine machines and controls
    • Advanced diagnostic monitoring
    • Centralized on board documentation system
    • All pilot lights are push to test lights
    • Plug in Inverter Modules
    • System is IP41 with doors closed; IP20 with doors open
    • All control fuse holders have LED indication


    Air Cooled Size(s) and Ratings
    •Segregated DC Bus System4000/8000A; 220Ka Fault Bracing
    •Rectifier (Air Cooled) 2500A
    •Inverter Cubicles (Air Cooled) 450, 900, 1350, 1800 KW
    •Chopper Cubicle 1200kW, One/Two per Cubicle
    •Optional Cable Termination Cubicle Top and bottom entry
    Water Cooled Size(s) and Ratings
    •DC Bus System4000, 8000A Capacity; 220Ka Fault Bracing
    •Liquid Cooled Rectifiers3200A
    •Liquid Cooled VFD Cubicles520, 1120, 1600.2240KW sizes, 690 VAC
    •Liquid Cooled Chopper Cubicle1200kW, one or two per cubicle
    •Optional Cable Termination CubicleTop and bottom cable entry



    Drill Force Design Standards 

    IEC 61439-1 Type Tested Drill Force Air CooledShort Circuit, EMC, Impulse Voltage, Temp Rise, Creepage/Clearance
    IEC 61800-1, -2, -3General requirements and EMC requirements for DC and AC drive ‹1KV
    IEC 61892-1, -2, -3General requirement for electrical installation
    ABS MODU Part 4 2008 Rules for Building and Classing Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
    DNV D201Electrical Installations