• 2.5A Power Swivel

    Powering through your challenges.

    The 2.5A Power Swivel is a safer, stronger, and more powerful pipe-rotating machine. The new unit offers 65% more drilling torque and has almost double the dynamic load capacity of previous equipment models. Additionally, the 2.5A Power Swivel circulates mud/drilling fluid at 10,000 psi, and superior packing averages more than 200 hours of field use before replacement is required. Running from a torque tube allows you to drill out plugs in a third of the usual time, while API 8C monogramming–which ensures adherence to the most rigorous design and testing standards–gives you a minimum of a 3 to 1 safety factor.


    Functional and Performance Comparisons

    Performance  S-85  2.5A
    Drilling torque at 100 RPM  3,950 ft-lb  6,083 ft-lb
    Maximum drilling speed on the stem  155 RPM  155 RPM
    Rated torque at 155 RPM  2,458 ft-lb  3,951 ft-lb
    Working hydraulic system pressure  5,000 psi  5,000 psi
    Circulating mud/drill fluid pressure  5,000 psi  10,000 psi
    Dynamic load capacity at 100 RPM  45 tons  85 tons
    Available horsepower at engine  140 horsepower  225 horsepower
    Pump capacity required  4.58 in.³  6.71 in.³
    Hose size requirements  1 in.  1¼ in.
    Hydraulic motor capacity  5.43 in.³  7.05 in.³
    Minimum life at max torque  400 hr  15,000 hr
    API 8C design factor  1.85 to 1  3 to 1