• CRT 350 and 500 Casing Running Tool

    The CRT-350 and CRT-500 Casing Running Tool is faster, safer, and more efficient.

    Tool, where applicable, updated in accordance with governing API standards

    The CRT-350 and CRT-500 (Casing Running Tool) introduces a step change in the way casing is run today on land rigs and smaller offshore drilling facilities. By combining the functionality of field proven tools such as the Top Drive, Flush Mounted Spider (FMS), Fill and Circulation Tool and Single Joint Elevator (SJH), casing operations are now safer, faster and more efficient. The CRT, connected directly to the top drive main shaft, hoists and lowers casing, spins in and makes up the casing connection. Additionally, while reciprocating and rotating the casing string, the CRT has the ability to fill-up and circulate up to 5,000 psi.

    Safety:  Eliminates stabbing-board operations (reduces #1 cause of lost time while running casing); less manual handling equates to fewer safety hazards.  Power casing tong operations have been removed, allowing more work space around the well center.  Eliminates drill floor work platforms.

    Economics:  Drilling contractors, or a reduced casing crew can run the casing, minimizing stand-by costs associated with weather or problematic well conditions.  The CRT integral compensator substantially reduces the risk of damage due to cross-threading.  Utilizing the top drive to control make-up reduces thread damage during the complete make-up cycle

    Well Improvements:  Assures that the casing can be set to the casing point with the ability of the CRT to fill, circulate, rotate, and reciprocate.  Reduces the risk of differential wall sticking.  Includes ability to pressure test.

    Efficiency:  Less equipment to rig up; the CRT contains the elevator, fill-up and circulating tool, and compensator in one assembly.  The operator determines and controls the running/tripping speed.  When running mixed strings, hardware components can be changed within minutes through the twist lock design and insert carrier/slip design.


    CRT Compensator:

    • Employs a patented air-cushioned weight compensator which balances out the weight of CRT and a single joint of casing
    • Minimizes casing thread damage with soft stabbing and thread compensation 

    CRT Pipe Sensor:

    • Pipe sensors detect the casing coupling so slips will set automatically at the correct position. Easily adjusted for different casing types and sizes

    CRT Fill-up and Circulation Tool:

    • Fill-up tool enables fast change out of seal and guide elements when mixed strings are used
    • Prevents possible spills of expensive fluids
    • Reduces the risk of environmental incidents

    CRT Torque Turn Recording (TTR):

    • Torque turn recording for premium casing connections, provided through a third party TTR system
    • TTR interface capabilities can be ordered as an option and can be integrated into a rig’s drilling control system

    CRT Camera System:

    • Provides secondary confirmation of slip set function and fill-up tool position
    • Stainless steel EEx compact camera
    • 2.4 GHz video transmitter
    • Utilizes NiCad batteries (12 hour life cycle, live change out)




    API 8C Hoist Rating [sTon/Ton]350 / 317
    Casing Size4 1/2" to 9 7/8"
    Fill-Up and Circulation4 1/2" to 9 7/8" circulation and fill-up
    Maximum Mud Circulation Pressure [psi/kPa]up to 5,000 / 34,500 (size dep.)
    Rotational speed [rpm]0-20 intermittent
    Weight (fully dressed, typical [lbs/kg]10,500 / 4,762
    Maximum Push Down Force [lbs/kg]20,000 / 9,072 [static]
    Ambient Temperature Range [C]-20º to +40º
    Maximum Torque [ft.lbs@psi/Nm@kPa]35,000 / 47,400
    Shaft Connection6 5/8" API Reg. RH (box) 7.750" OD
    Diameter of CRT body32"
    Width of CRT Assembly44.3"
    Height116.3" (compensator mid stroke, from shaft shoulder to CRT bell guide)
    Height139.8" (link arm fully in, from shaft shoulder to H-SJH)
    Compensator capacity@90 psi air supply [lbs/kg]8,500 / 3,860
    Link tilt tilt-out distance [ft/m]15' / 4.5