• TDS-11HD

    The TDS-11HD increases power and torque by up to 45 percent compared to standard top drive models, enabling drilling in longer laterals and deeper wells.



    The TDS-11HD builds upon the field-proven performance and brand quality of the TDS 11SA top drive, offering extra power and torque for increased drilling requirements. Featuring two 600-horsepower induction motors plus gear box internals, the TDS-11HD yields more torque than previous top drive models in its size and class, enabling drilling of wells beyond the technical limits of the standard top drive. The 500-ton main thrust bearing ensures hoisting capacity to handle heavy pipe, helping you reach your pay-zone in the most demanding formations.


    Two 600-horsepower induction motors

    • Dramatic increase in horsepower yields significantly more torque
    • Enables drilling of wells beyond the technical limits of the standard top drive

    500-ton main thrust bearing enables hoisting capacity to handle heavy pipe

    • Ensures hoisting capacity to handle heavy pipe
    • API 8C hoisting and rotating; dynamic and static

    Fits any mast currently using TDS-11SA Top drives

    • Minimizes downtime by using configurable components
    • Delivers significantly more power in virtually the same footprint

    Available software enhancements

    • SoftSpeed II™, Twister 


    Drilling Motor Type AC Induction Motors
    Horsepower Rating2 x 600 HP
    TDS Working Height19'4" (21'8" with 120"Bail)
    Weight35,000 lbs. (15,875 kg)
    Gear Ratio10.56:1
    Lube Force-fed, filtered, air-cooled
    Drilling Parameters
    Maximum Speed228 RPM
    Maximum Continuous Torque58,800 ft-lb (79,722 N-m)
    Speed at Maximum Breakout Torque110 RPM
    Maximum Breakout Torque75,000 ft-lb (101,686 N-m)
    Maximum Makeup Torque62,500 ft-lb (84,738 N-m)
    Static Lock Brake39,000 ft-lb (52,877 N-m)
    Rating Capacities 
    Hoisting and Rotating500 ton (453,592 kg)
    Water Course3 in (76.2 mm)
    Washpipe Packing 7,500 psi (517 bar)
    Pipe HandlerPH-75
    Torque Capacity75,000 ft-lb (101,686 N-m)
    Connection OD4 in – 8½ in (101.6 mm – 215.9 mm)
    IBOP Pressure Rating15,000 psi (1,034 bar)
    Upper IBOP6⅝ in API Reg. RH Box (remote operated)
    Cooling SystemLocal Blower
    Hydraulic PowerOnboard
    Temperature Range-40°C to +55°C (-40°F to +131°F)*
    Casing Running Tool ReadyOptional
    Elevator Links250, 350 and 500 ton API
    Footprint65.2 in x 56.1 in (1,656 mm x 1,425 mm)

    Torque compare 
    TDS11-SATDS11-HD Upgrade
    37,500 ft-lb @ 11058,800 ft-lb @ 110
    35,000 ft-lb @ 12051,000 ft-lb @ 120
    33,000 ft-lb @ 12549,900 ft-lb @ 125
    23,000 ft-lb @ 18032,800 ft-lb @ 180
    14,668 ft-lb @ 22825,200 ft-lb @ 228

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