• TDS-11SA Top Drive

    The TDS-11SA is the most prolific top drive in the world today. Since its inception into the drilling industry, its superb performance has driven demand to make it the most recognizable and popular top drive on the market.

    • Most Popular Top Drive:  Our TDS-11SA AC Top Drive is an AC-motor-powered top drive developed for use as a portable or permanent unit on a wide variety of land and offshore rigs.  The TDS-11SA is adaptable to almost any derrick or structure, making it one of the most prominent 500-ton drilling applications, with over 1,700 units shipped.
    • More Power, Smaller Package:  The TDS-11SA applies a powerful drilling application in a compact package achieving 37,500 ft-lbs of continuous drilling torque, and 55,000 ft-lbs of make-up/break-out torque.
    • Greater Control:  The TDS-11SA is driven by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control system for a greater range of torque and speed performance.  Because of the broad speed and torque range of AC motor technology, this impressive performance is obtained using a single-speed gear box.
    • Innovative Technology:  We have been at the forefront of top drive technology since the first prototype concept development in 1982, and the TDS-11SA reinforces our commitment to innovation and drilling technology advancements.




    Reliable Power High performance dual AC Motors and Variable Frequency Drive 
    Portability Remains affixed in derrick or mast during transport
    Low MaintenanceNo brush gear or commutator; no stand-alone hydraulic supply
    Improved Economy Reduced fuel consumption; faster rig-up/down times
    More ControlFaster and more reliable directional drilling
    Personnel SafetyReduced crew size on the drill floor



    Gear ratio

    10.5:1 Double Reduction Helical


    Force-fed, filtered, air-cooled

    Drilling Parameters 

    Drilling speed range

    0 to 228 rpm continuous

    Drilling torque

    37,500 ft.-lbs. (50 842 Nm) continuous

    Drilling horsepower

    800 HP maximum continuous

    Static lock brake

    39,000 ft.-lbs. (47 455 Nm)

    Maximum intermittent torque

    55,000 ft.-lbs. (74 569 Nm)

    Rating Capacities 


    500 ton, API-8C, PSL-1

    Water course

    3 in. @ 5,000 psi CWP

    Drilling Motors (two) 


    Reliance Electric, AC induction, forced air cooled, designed for AC drive applications

    Horsepower rating

    400 HP each

    Speed rating

    1,200 rpm

    Maximum speed

    2,400 rpm

    Pipe Handler (Type PH-75)

    Torque capacity

    75,000 lb ft (101 686 Nm) @ 2,000 psi

    Drill pipe range

    3½ in. to 6⅝ in. (4 in. to 8½ in. OD tool joint)

    Upper IBOP

    6⅝ API Reg. RH Box

    Lower IBOP

    6⅝ API Reg. RH Pin/Box

    IBOPs; rating pressure

    15,000 PSI CWP

    IBOP trim

    H2S trim (optional)

    Elevator links

    250, 350, 500 or 750 ton API, 108 in., (2.7 m) long

    Rotating head

    Infinitely positionable

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