• 20k RAM BOP

    This new generation BOP has changed the performance expectations for pressure control equipment, offering significant advantages and features.


    The new NOV 20K BOP is designed to handle your toughest drilling operations. It will be controlled by the new RCX control pods. With new regulations, stack pulls have become more frequent, raising costs and inefficiency. NOV has identified root causes of failure and eliminated them through innovative design, increasing robustness and reliability. In the unlikely event of a failure, the RCX control pod can be retrieved and replaced without pulling the stack.


    • Boltless Doors
    • Replaceable Steel Seats
    • Automatic Locking System
    • Ram Position Indicators


    • Model: 18-3/4” 20,000psi
    • 15-1/4” Operator: 19.5/19.6 Gallons
      • (Open/Close) – 3,000 psi max
    • 23” Operator: 53.2/52.4 Gallons
      • (Open/Close) – 5,000 psi max
    • Centralizing Shear Rams
    • Pipe Rams (Multiple sizes)
    • Multi Rams (4-1/2” – 6-5/8”)