• Jackup  

    For over 30 years, NOV has been perfecting our Drilling Equipment Packages (DEP) solutions.



    Our DEP solutions support all types of drilling rigs to provide our customers with creative solutions that meet their particular needs. Design, complete in-house solutions, project management and execution, installation & commission, training, service and life cycle support is a part of what you will get when you partner with NOV to build your rig. But, at NOV it is our people that set us apart. We encourage our team to listen to your needs, utilize their continuous product development teams to provide you with a product and a long term partner that will exceed all expectations.

    NOV’s unique jacking technology and extensive product development has enabled our customers to produce some of the most advanced Jackups in the world. Superior solutions that are technologically advanced are the future of the jack up industry. 

    Our Jacking System utilizes the rack and pinion principle and consists of a set of simultaneously operated units, allowing lifting and lowering of jack-up type platforms. NOV jacking units are fitted pairs on each side of a double rack or two single racks welded to the leg chord of the rig. The jacking unit can also be mounted in a single rack. The units can be used on square, triangular lattice, or tubular legs. Our jacking units are typically self-contained. The unit consists of a gear box that is driven by an electric motor designed and built at our NOV facilities.

    What differentiates NOV?

    • Completely integrated packages from the top of the crown down to the drill bit
    • Optimized solutions from shallow to Ultra Deep
    • Options for multi-activity systems, increased efficiency
    • Proven remote monitoring and optimization
    • Safety focus on all equipment, redundancy, hands free
    • Global Training, cutting edge simulation technology
    • Unmatched Life Cycle support and Service
    • Proven design

    At NOV, our experience, our superior equipment and our people make the difference. We are your partner of today and your partner for the future.