• PRS5,6/HR IV

    NOV PRS and HR Pipe Racking Systems represent the next generation of automated electric and hydraulic racking systems.

    NOV's parallel column racking systems represent the next generation of automated racking systems. These machines provide the most flexible racking configurations and capacities in the industry.  The innovative systems can be integrated into new build or retrofitted to existing rigs in applications ranging from large jack-ups to deep-water drill ships to semi-submersibles.  A typical column racking system consists of a rotating column, with two racking arms, driven toward and away from the well center by powerful AC or hydraulic motors.  The NOV column racking system sets a new standard for efficient one man pipe handling operation while improving safety around the well center. 

    Engineered for durability, reliability and ease of operation, these machines utilize modular design standards to ensure uniformity and optimum operational flexibility.  Its upper arm has a rated hoisting capacity of 22,000 lbs (10,000 kg) to 30,000 lbs (13,607 kg) which, in conjunction with its lower tailing/guide arm offers a capibility of offline drill pipe and casing standbuilding from a horizontal pipe transfer machine. 

    Fingerboard layouts are based on a parallel racking pattern, which offer large amounts of drill pipe and casing storage capacity.  Adjustable casing fingers further enhance the flexibility of this system for deep-water drilling programs. 


    The PRS5 is a vertical pipe handling system, specifically designed and built to utilize the Parallel Racking of the PRS4i with the addition of fourble handling capability on large Drillship and Semi-Submersible applications. This semi-automatic, remote controlled tripping machine is designed for handling fourbles of drill pipe or drill collar and triples of casing. The PRS5 is capable of racking stands built off-line by a powered mousehole and PLS system. Increased load capability, within the standard application of existing designs, is obtained by utilizing two load-sharing hoist arms used on previous dynamic models of PRS.

    Parallel Racking Configuration

    A parallel fully latched fixed/ adjustable Fingerboard layout is used with the PRS5, providing large amounts of storage for Drill Pipe and Casing.


    Models: PRS-5,6/HR IV

    • Pipe Sizes: 3½”- 22"
    • Stand Lengths: Range 2 Quads or Range 3 Triples
    • Hoist SWL: 22,000 lbs (PRS 6) or 30,000 lbs (PRS 5/ HR IV)
    • Height: 145 ft. (PRS), 150 ft. (HR IV)
    • Rotation Envelope: 96" (PRS), 72" (HR IV)  
    • Rotation: 270°