• AgitatorPLUS System

    The Agitator™PLUS system increases ROP, improves weight transfer, and reduces stick-slip by reducing downhole friction in directional drilling applications with a lower system pressure drop.



    The AgitatorPLUS system combines our Agitator tool with a specially-designed low-pressure shock tool to reduce friction and keep the drillstring mobing by introducing an axial oscillating motion. Optimized to function as a unified system, we’ve configured the AgitatorPLUS system with an overall pressure drop of 300–400 psi. This allows you to maintain higher flow rates, run the AgitatorPLUS system on rigs with limited pump pressure capacity, and even to run two Agitator systems simultaneously in your drill string.

    The AgitatorPLUS system is compatible with all downhole motors, rotary steerable systems, and MWD/LWD systems with pre-job planning.


    • Reduces downhole friction and stick-slip
    • Improves weight transfer and toolface control
    • Extends bit life
    • Prevents weight stacking and drill string buckling
    • Increases sliding and rotary ROP