• Agitator System

    The  Agitator™  system increases ROP, improves weight transfer, and reduces stick-slip by reducing downhole friction in directional drilling applications. Its axial oscillations also provide significant benefits for wellbore intervention and fishing applications.

    Combining the Agitator tool and a shock tool, the Agitator system reduces friction and improves weight transfer to the bit by introducing an axial oscillating motion to keep the drillstring moving. The result is higher ROP, enhanced toolface control, and reduced stick-slip in all modes of drilling, whether sliding or rotating. The Agitator system has shown benefits in all well profiles and is compatible with all downhole motors, rotary steerable systems, and MWD/LWD systems with pre-job planning.

    The power section in our Agitator system is used in a completely different manner than a power section in a mud motor, which can be susceptible to chunking issues. Since the rotor in the Agitator tool spins freely with virtually no torque load, the elastomer experiences very little loading and has proven to be 99.9% reliable.

    In fishing applications, the high-frequency axial oscillations of our Agitator system can help to free stuck objects improving the efficiency of standard fishing tools in the BHA.


    • Reduces downhole friction and stick-slip
    • Improves weight transfer and toolface control
    • Extends bit life 
    • Prevents weight stacking and drill string buckling
    • Increases sliding and rotary ROP