• Agitator ™ NEO CT Tool

    Proven friction reduction and improved weight transfer for coiled tubing applications

    The Agitator™ NEO CT tool provides axial oscillations along the length of your workstring to reduce downhole friction, improve weight transfer to the BHA, and significantly extend the point of lock up.

    Featuring a shorter length and improved design, the tool allows you to pump at higher flow rates and features valve assemblies designed to work at optimum operational frequencies. These improvements produce axial oscillations that work on a longer length of coiled tubing.

    Part of our line of Agitator tools, which have more than 50,000 runs worldwide, the Agitator NEO CT tool increases the reliability of any coiled tubing operation and significantly extends your reach in horizontal wellbores.


    Extends your reach and improves load transfer - Reduces friction downhole

    Improves your ROP - Allows for increased weight-on-bit

    Delays sinusoidal/helical buckling and decreases motor stalls - Reduces weight stacking

    Compatible with all MWD tools